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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu, Si trova a Xian Street, adiacente al fiume di Jinjiang Park, il parco storico della città. Si può passeggiare al mattino e al crepuscolo per sperimentare lo spirito pionieristico di 'menpo Dongyu Wanli boat' in passato.
La lavanderia gratuita dell'hotel e la palestra offrono servizi per voi in qualsiasi momento;Il parcheggio sotterraneo gratuito con un posto auto sufficiente e le stazioni della metropolitana e degli autobus che si estendono in tutte le direzioni intorno sono così comodo e preoccupazioni gratuito.Le montagne e i fiumi sono diversi, il vento e la luna sono uguali.Prenotazione dell'hotel, prima sicurezza.Hotel in stretta conformità con i nuovi standard di sicurezza per il lavoro di disinfezione, pulizia e igiene.Benvenuti a vivere in un ambiente sicuro!Gustare Chengdu e vivere a Jinjiang per generazioni!
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Hotel FAQs
  • Quanto dista questo hotel dall'Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport?

    Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu si trova a 13.4km dall'aeroporto.

  • Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu offre un servizio di pick-up?

    Sì, vi preghiamo di contattarci dopo la prenotazione.

  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 12:00 presso Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu.

  • Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    Sì, l'hotel dispone di piscina e palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu?

    La colazione è di CNY88 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Jinjiang Generation International Hotel Chengdu?

    I prezzi partono da CNY581, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • faintjimmy
    Good location, inexpensive, very convenient.
  • appleni0083
    Jinjiang is an old brand. I thought it was as unforgettable as Shanghai's Jinjiang, but the Jinjiang International Hotel in Chengdu seems to be nothing special except the high price. It's a little disappointed.
  • e00003750
    The old urban area is convenient, the service is standard, and should stay
    The location of the hotel is superior. The interior of the old four-star hotel is a little old, but the service is still good. Nestle coffee, Vida toilet paper and Philips hairdryer are provided. If you have requirements for comfort, it is recommended to stay in block B.
  • jeancn
    Breakfast is not good, the service is slow!
  • amywang627
    The hotel has convenient transportation, good environment and high cost performance!
  • danielannie
    This price is OK
  • simpson
    It's OK. The cost performance is OK
  • tyler2011
    The location of the hotel is very good. It takes about 5-10 minutes to walk to Jinli. It's convenient to take a taxi and eat around... It's very close to shujiuxiang. It's only 5 minutes to walk. The hotel service was very good. The refrigerator didn't cool. I changed it immediately after I called.
  • wxxjll
    Yes, it's worth the price
  • e3lmw
    The traffic is convenient, clean and comfortable, and the service is considerate
  • antinomy
    All right, all right
  • Davis Gu
    The hotel room facilities are good, the comfort is good, the hotel service is too poor, and the staff don't know what to ask; Breakfast is super poor, almost like the level of home buffet breakfast;
  • yubaob
    I didn't feel particularly good. There is still a lot of room for improvement
  • e04539585
    Not bad
  • leoang
    The location of the hotel is very convenient. It's not far from Jinli, Kuanzhai alley and so on. The disadvantage is that the light in the bathroom of the hotel really goes out and then lights up again. My daughter said it's to save energy... Everything else is OK
  • gugu1211
    The facilities and equipment of the hotel are very good. It's very convenient to use.
  • p048393
    My parents live well near the river
  • lili8078
  • cfo2xl
    Every time I go on a business trip, I live in this family. The transportation is convenient and there is a lot of food nearby.
  • tonnytonny
    Hotel business building, facilities are old, especially the carpet smell is too big, 10 to 15 minutes walk from the subway entrance
  • U see
    Wi Fi is unstable. The others are good.
  • amycx
    I have lived for several times, which is quite convenient and regular
  • creanlin
    The geographical location is good, but there are few characteristic restaurants around
  • mxfy9808
    The hotel is bad
  • ygy1217
    Not bad. I've lived here several times!
  • daisy314
    OK on the whole, comfortable
  • fu_jinyuan
    Very good
  • ceo37
    Convenient transportation, good sanitation and excellent service
  • rodney
    Good geographical environment, to Kuanzhai alley, Jinli, Tianfu Square, spring?? It's all very convenient.
  • mixian616
    Very good, very good environment, high service
  • nanyantao
    The environment and facilities are very good, and the transportation is also convenient
  • bluenibin
    Very good, good location, convenient transportation and travel.
  • lionee
    Very, very, very good
  • fenux
    It's an old hotel. The new VIP Building is very expensive. The overall cost performance is OK. I've checked in twice
  • stonelaw
    The room is too small, the facilities are old, and the sanitation is quite ordinary!
  • alanjiang
    The hotel is comfortable and has convenient transportation. There is food around
  • maomaonan20
    The hotel is near Tianfu Square and the traffic is very convenient. We arrived in the evening and checked in very quickly. The room is very warm. The bottom plug of the bathtub in one room was broken. After calling the customer service, it was quickly repaired. The breakfast is also very good. There are many kinds of self-service. The meal of Huaning is also very good and luxurious. The elderly and children like it very much.
  • Annin
    The environment is good. It's hard to find the lobby
  • angela050207
    Good. Good location
  • onelina
    The environment was ok, but the appearance and attitude of the counter staff were weak
  • evaur
    When I walked into the room arranged for the first time, people's clothes and chargers were there. The front desk said there was a mistake. I'm sorry. Then change it. Open the door and there are messy sheets. The trash can is dirty. The front desk said there was another mistake. I'm sorry for a small misunderstanding. I can only wait for my aunt to clean. I don't send up the card to change it for me. I have to go to the front desk myself. Are hotels of this standard? I didn't even apologize. It was a misunderstanding. It was clearly a mistake, and it was twice in a row. Please don't stay in this hotel, the legendary four-star hotel in Chengdu
  • dls7291
    Comfortable and convenient transportation. Supporting measures are also complete.
  • jessicaxiao1016
    Very good, good environment, big room.
  • bubucat
    Good location, suitable price, convenient parking
  • e00122250
    The environment of the hotel is good. It's a good choice to stay here next time
  • jiangyu791028
    Unexpected joy, free upgrade to the VIP Building Room, very satisfied! Neat, like sofa! The most satisfactory thing is that the bathroom is very clean and spacious, which is worth checking in again!
  • xumeng106
    Good. NIMA has a word limit? rolling
  • EpoTal
    Business trip, the environment is OK, it's not very convenient to take a taxi, it's very fast to use the car Hailing software.
  • biubiubiu
  • oscar.tang
    It has been open for many years, so the facilities are old-fashioned, but the hotel is very elegant and the room area is still very large. The beauty at the front desk couldn't figure out the situation and didn't issue us an invoice. Later, she called and asked, but it was solved smoothly
  • joyanling
    Convenient transportation, high-end hotel atmosphere, strong business atmosphere. If the network is strengthened, it will be better. After all, we can't live without the network.
  • lindaco
    Good geographical location and high cost performance
  • meimei619
    All good.
  • pucca
    Good, recommended!