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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel


jason-rongscore:4.3 / 52021-01-27

And we think it's great,
barry19828score:5.0 / 52021-01-26

Near good food. from the Temple of Marquis, Kam-RI is very easy to play ... room was very spacious, quiet. is breakfast quality needs to be improved ... but overall was good. The location of the hotel is very good, from the subway close, convenient, and not far from tianfu square, walk about 20 minutes to reach, this time from the Marquis. business into good condition.
Eric Yangscore:4.5 / 52021-01-26

Jinjiang River, great view. taking a taxi to the airport is not far, about half an hour, dinner is also very convenient. wuhou Temple and jinli and not far from the city's main attractions. cost-effective recommendation.
bfx239520score:5.0 / 52021-01-26

VIP room recommended recommended highly recommended lol
fanny542001score:3.8 / 52021-01-24

Hotel is OK, but selling fake cigarettes the tobacco hotel next to the hotel front desk, hotel friends may want to be careful not to fall for it.
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